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Professional info​

I have been self- employed since I was 19 back in 1988.
As a youngster desperate to work for myself I had people skills but no Business education.

I knew that being a butcher from the age of 11 had given me great sales and communication

skills with people but the industry was dying so I turned to my older brother Terry Swann who

was at the time known as the best car paint sprayer in the business and said "let’s do it”!!

I will get the work, you can fix the cars and that's exactly what we did,

we set up our own Car Accident Repair Centre.
I had no knowledge of the car industry but I was hungry and full of enthusiasm!
I may have been a baby faced 19 year old but I could sell what I believed in and I believed

we could give a better service than anyone else because we cared more, the rest is history. 
I don't really have a CV of work Experience as it has been all hands on and learnt on the job.
So instead of a work experience I have included an Achievement of experience.

Acheivement experience
Supreme Accident Repair Centre 
Automotive Vehicle Repairers

​1988 - present  30 Years 


At Supreme ARC we are one of the best repairers around and I am not just saying that, the minute you walk in to Supreme you feel very welcomed and our experience and knowledge oozes out from the office to final repair.
I gained MIMI Status and our repair centre staff are all ATA highly trained individuals that also gained us the BSI Industry Standard Kitemark. 
Our High Standards have gained us many approvals over the years to include
Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Saab, Honda, Hyundai, Seat, Citroen, Smart, and many more.


Auto Claims UK Ltd
Accident Claims Management & Hire Vehicle Providers

​1995 - present - 24 Years


Auto Claims UK Ltd gained an extremely good name within the insurance industry looking after claims for many individuals and having been the claims backbone of many insurance brokers across the UK, in 2004 we became the claims centre for one of the UK's Largest Fleet companies Carillion Fleet Management looking after an additional 18,000 vehicles. 
Our experience is second to none, there may be bigger companies but there sure isn't any that care as much as Auto Claims, with a record of winning every case in court for the last 20 years you certainly have the right people looking after your claims.


Auto Claims Fleets Services Ltd
Accident Management Providers to Fleet Companies and Business's

​2009 - present 10 Years 

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Software Creation


GettingThings Done

Skills - Software


Final Cut Pro 

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After Affects

Having left School with no grades i have learnt everything since school.


Having left School with no grades I have learnt everything since school.
You could say I have learnt much the hard way, when mistakes cost money you learn quickly.
If I could go back in time I wouldn't change a thing, some of us study when we are young, and many of us love to learn later in life. The minute I left school my thirst for business and life knowledge just grew.