All of my businesses have been inaugurated to provide some type of service to the public, and when I provide a service it must be a helpful one that is of great benefit, then it must be simple and work effectively.
I have started so many businesses and love creating and developing ideas that are innovative and competitive in the marketplace.
Then taking it to task to make it work with the joy of introducing that business for people to use or enjoy the service it provides. The satisfaction gives me great pleasure and drives me to keep on coming up with new business ideas.
Here I have provided many of the businesses that I have created over time, all have been successful although some have stopped trading for one reason or another, but that reason has been to suit me,  from suppliers going into liquidation etc.

Service Providers ....
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Ebuygumm: The New UK Only Buy & Sell Website thats Free !

Ebuygumm was designed out of frustration with other online sales platforms that i believed were just not good enough. Having used them for 10 years with our import business we finally got banned for giving refunds to people who were worried about the bad imported Segways, ours were the good ones but some people didn't want to take the risk ... i understood having a large family and just issued many refunds only to find in horror ebay closed our account due to giving refunds. I was horrified ! 10 years selling £250k a year meant nothing ! 

So now we have a new alternative that brings a breath of fresh air to online selling. Being UK only with no Chinese companies means the UK public can import goods and be competitive again and with no fees they can reduce prices and really compete ! and thats just the start.

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Auto Claims UK Ltd:  Accident & Claims Management       

Auto Claims Uk Ltd was designed to help the motorist involved in an accident to recover any losses. 

If you have had an accident that wasn't your fault did you know we can recover all the losses from the at fault

drivers insurance saving you from claiming against your own insurance !! and we specialise in disputes.

If the accident wasn't your fault and the other side are denying or being akward, we help fight your claim.

We supply a like for like hire car, and repair your own vehicle and help to recover any Injury losses.

An invaluable service that can save you thousands ! and even more if your are a business owner as we protect

your interest.

So many people think but thats what my insurance do ... NO !! they are not interested in you ... and that

is why we exist ! Were independant and look after you .. were an insurer will look after their interest ..

So if you ever have an accident ... call us first ! Before anyone ! 

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Supreme Accident Repair Centre : Car & Van repairers 

Supreme Accident Repair Centre was started when i was a mere 19 years old, my big brother was known for his quality for repairing and spraying cars, so i said i would get the work if he did it , so that was the start. We decided very early on to survive and compete we would offer a service better than anyone else and this is what we strived to do then and still do to this day. As with all our companies we never tie any businesses in to a contract as our motto is : if you can get a better service elsewhere, then you deserve to be able to go and get it ... and that's how confident we are ! If a company is trying to get you into a contract they are not confident in their service.

​“The minute i stepped foot in the office i knew i was in the right place, the staff were so welcoming and they couldn't do enough for me, and that continued into the repair, just an fantastic service from start to finish.”

​​Samantha Jones, Honda Owner

“I had a problem with my accident claim, but Auto Claims Just took over and were amazing , they traced a third party and recovered all my losses and got me a great value for my total loss, I hardly had to do anything thanks to such an amazing team.”

​​Chris Brown, Project Manager