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Mobile: 07971 566 004


Email: darrenswann@me.com

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Hi,im Darren Swann

So who am i ?


I'm just a normal guy that works hard for a living.

I’m full of respect for others and love helping people.

I enjoy creating new companies and watching them develop.
I work very hard at being the best I can be, I love family life,

I enjoy keeping fit and healthy.

I am passionate in helping children to be confident,

valued and inspired.  
I work hard and play hard, and always live for today but

still save for tomorrow.
I seek to create services that help people in one way or

another, all of my business models HELP people.

What advice would I give to young people in business? 
If you are going to do a service, do it better than anyone else ...

or aspire to do so ...  many companies come and go.

If you keep striving to do better than everyone else,

your time will come.
We battled on for 10 years ... then it all changed !

Don't be jealous of companies with overnight success,

that is their story,go full steam ahead and make your own :).
What advice would I give in life? 
Always show respect, follow the commandments and you won't go far wrong! 



"A true profesional that always delivers what he says" &

"A Guy with Ideas Galore" 




"Good things happen to Good people"


"Quality is a result of Care" 



Ebuygumm is my latest project but there are a few more additions in the pipe line ...Some new online projects to innovate business's ! Watch this space..